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Mango-TVP5150 Module Board

Price : 60,000(VAT미포함) (031-701-5057)

Mango-TVP5150 Module features

l  Accepts NTSC (N, 4.43), PAL (B, D, G, H, I,M, N) Video Data

l  Supports ITUR BT.601 Standard Sampling

l  High-Speed 9-Bit A/D Converter

l  Two Composite Inputs or One S-Video Input

l  Fully Differential CMOS Analog

Preprocessing Channels With Clamping and AGC For Best S/N Performance

l  Ultralow Power Consumption: 113 mW Typical

l  32-Pin TQFP Package

l  Power-Down Mode: <1 mW

l  Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, and Sharpness Control Through I2C

l  Complementary 4-Line (3-H Delay) Adaptive

l  Comb Filters For Both Cross-Luminance And Cross-Chrominance Noise Reduction

l  Patented Architecture For Locking To Weak, Noisy, Or Unstable Signals

l  Single 14.318-MHz Crystal for All Standards

l  Internal PLL For Line-Locked Clock and Sampling

l  Subcarrier Genlock Output For

Synchronizing Color Subcarrier Of External Encoder.

Standard Programmable Video

Output Format:

 ITUR BT.656, 8-Bit 4:2:2 With Embedded Syncs

l  MacrovisionCopy Protection Detection

l  Advanced Programmable Video Output


 2x Oversampled Raw VBI Data During Active Video

 Sliced VBI Data During Horizontal Blanking Or Active Video

l  For Unique VBI Data Signals

l  VBI Modes Supported

 Teletext (NABTS, WST) Closed-Caption Decode With FIFO

 Wide Screen Signaling, Video ProgramSystem,

CGMS, Vertical Interval Time Code

 Custom Configuration Mode That Allows The User To Program The Slice Engine

For Unique VBI Data Signals

l  Power-on Reset

Shipping Materials


l  Mango-TVP5150 Module : 1ea

l   20PIN cable : 1ea


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